2018 Edition! Third year running!

Starving in a video game is terrible.

Starving in real life is much worse!

In boring dreary real life you do not get to fight Trigers or Diggles, swords don't pop out of crates and boxes, and if you try to cast spells people just look at you funny.

But you CAN make a difference for hungry human beings who need some extra consumables this holiday season!

Stop The Hunger Clock has concluded for 2018!
Thank you for your support in the fight against hunger.

This event is over, but there are countless other ways for you to
support hunger relief in your community and around the world!

See you next year!

Donate locally

Get a new game

Go die in a dungeon

Step 1: Contribute $10, in person, towards a local organization working for the cause of hunger relief. Easiest way to do this is to go to any grocery store and buy one of those TEN DOLLAR brown bags of prepared Thanksgiving meals. You know the ones, they're everywhere.

"Wait but what if I want to donate directly and in person to a food bank or shelter? Or do this other really cool in person thing I had in mind?"

You can do it! Click here.

Step 2: Take a picture of the receipt, your [Proof of Altruism]!

Step 3: Use one of the links below to send that [Proof of Altruism] to the Stop The Hunger Clock email with one of the game titles in the subject line.

Step 4: Receive game key shortly thereafter!

Click here for details and FAQs

Choose your reward!

(But wait? There's more? At the bottom of the page?)

I want to get lost in a forest!

I wan to |^+ in U cl:?+

I want to die in someone else's body!

I want to die of thirst in pitch darkness!

I want to die to Goats and Slime!

I REALLY want to die to Goats and Slime!

I want to die in the Danger Zone!

I want to die confused and afraid!

I want to die in a rotating limousine!

I want to die from golf club beatdowns!

I want to die cause I drew bad perks!

I want to die like a champion!

I want to die in a classic Dungeon Crawl!

I want to die broken and forgotten!

I want all of us to die for Our Lord!

The effects are unpredictable!

Wait Also Here Take This

While supplies last! If you ALSO want a turn based game about marching ever Dragonward, or a different turn based games about dwarves for your iOS device, just ask!

"I'm a dev and I want to toss in some keys for my kickass game!"

Let's do it. Read this for info then click the funny image below to email.

Many thanks to these kind and generous champions